Lawn care, firewood and snowplowing serving Lisbon, Lewiston, Topsham and Brunswick, Maine.

Maloy's Tree Care - Maine

Maloy's Yard Care offers elite tree care service. Proper tree pruning is an important aspect of providing your trees with the care they need. Pruning objectives include safety pruning of dead branches & maintaining clearance from buildings, utility wires, signage, walkways, parking areas, & drive lanes for vehicles. Maloy's Yard Care is licensed and insured with a licensed Arborist on staff.

Brush Mowing & Land Clearing

Let us help you maintain or better utilize overgrown areas of your property. We can selectively thin wooded areas of underbrush and saplings, clear wooded areas for new construction, or simply maintain open land to provide a clean kept appearance of your property.

Our Services Include:

  • Tree care consulting
  • Tree pruning
  • Insect Identification & disease management
  • Cabling & bracing
  • Tree removal & stump grinding
  • Tree preservation
  • Crown Reduction (Topping) and Crown Restoration

Crown reduction pruning is used on overgrown trees that are located in a small area. This allows the tree to have a natural appearance. Crown restoration is used when a tree has been neglected or poorly pruned in the past. This allows the tree to regain structure and to ensure safety.